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Women's Worship Gathering

Women's Worship Gathering
12 Aug 2017


The summer Women's Worship Gathering is Saturday, August 12th at 6:30 p.m. at Justin & Chelsea Smith's home. The evening will center around a series of table discussions devoted to the scriptures and personal application, to help us learn more about what the Bible says about our value in the mission and vision of His church. This umbrella will cover a variety of topics including: spiritual gifts, evangelism, missions, serving, identity, and more. The structure not only allows us to have Christ-centered conversations with one another, but also gives us opportunities to use our gifts to serve, speak life and truth to one another, and build up the body of Living Hope Fellowship so she can impact the greater Baton Rouge area and beyond.

If you would like to help with food, hospitality, prayer, set up/clean up, or if you have questions, please email info@livinghopebr.com with "Women's Gathering" in the subject line.