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Brag on Jesus Night

Brag on Jesus Night
03 Jan 2021


At the end of each year, we set aside time to share ways we have experienced the faithfulness of God. It has affectionately become known as our "Brag on Jesus" service. This year, we are adding an additional gathering at 5:00 p.m . (childcare provided) so that we can have plenty of time to hear all your stories about God’s faithfulness in 2019, which will propel us into 2020 full of faith, hope, and love. We hope you’ll be at both! If you have been to one of these special services before, you know that we want everyone to share if they feel compelled to do so. No matter if you’re "brag" is something in the past, present, or future, you are welcome to share. The people of God need to hear about all points in the journey, so please be praying toward our time together and see what God as in store.