Global Missions Team

Through the scriptures, God makes it clear that He loves every person, each nation, tribe, and tongue.

God’s invitation to join Him in bringing this message of hope to all people is one we take seriously, and we are grateful to be a part of what He is doing around the globe. For most of us, this primarily takes place in the greater Baton Rouge area as we live our lives, but for some it involves going somewhere and engaging another group of people with the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

At Living Hope Fellowship, we actively support missionaries and missions organizations around the world, and our global missions team serves the church family in a number of ways. For those feeling stirred to “go,” the team walks them through the initial stages of prayer and discernment, then helps connect them to sending organizations, offers advice on raising money, supports them while away, and transitions them back to life in Baton Rouge. During this whole process, the team also keeps the rest of the church family informed and praying for our missionaries and those they are sent to love. Whether your stay serving beyond our local community is short or long, if you are feeling the draw to go and serve, our team would love to come alongside you in the journey.