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Our Story

In order to fully understand Living Hope Fellowship, it may be helpful to know a little bit about our story.

We first began in 1998 as a college-based worship service called “The Ring,” meeting on Sunday nights at Parkview Baptist Church. As the ministry grew, it became clear that God was doing something unique with this group of young people. After several years of prayer, study of the word, and ministry to college students, in February of 2006 The Ring Community Church became a mission of Parkview Baptist. The first ten years together brought us through some of the best and worst parts of life, morphing us into a family as the grace of Jesus empowered each and every step.

In 2016, the name of the church was changed, hoping to more effectively communicate to the people of Baton Rouge exactly who we are and why we exist. As a fellowship of God’s children, we work together to bring the only hope of the world into the lives of those we engage each day. This hope is more than just wishful thinking or a positive attitude, but is real and tangible because our hope is a person: Jesus Christ. He is alive so hope is alive, no matter what life may throw your way.

As Living Hope Fellowship we seek to live in the fullness of God’s grace and extend His invitation to everyone we meet, leading people to a more intimate relationship with God, for His glory.