At Living Hope Fellowship, our focus is to lead people to a more intimate relationship with God, for His glory, and the mission of our kids ministry is exactly the same.

You are never too young to experience the grace and beauty of Jesus. If you are a parent and are looking for a church family, please know that it would be our privilege to welcome you and your children into the different learning environments described below. Our fervent prayer is that your children will come to understand the character of God and make a personal decision to follow Jesus as Savior and Lord, and everything we do is aimed in that direction.

God’s design for spiritual formation places the parent as the primary source of spiritual guidance for their children. As a church family we come alongside the parents to equip them to disciple their children, and work to reinforce what is being taught and modeled at home. Our staff and kids ministry team leaders work directly with parents, and also help create engaging environments in which kids learn how to cultivate an intimate relationship with God and be mission-minded in an ever-changing world.

Below are some details about the ministries we offer for kids before and during our worship gathering on Sunday, and throughout the week.

Kids Community Group

Each Sunday, from 9:15-10:15, our K-5th grade kids have their own Community Group. Led by our kids ministry team, this is a time filled with fun and engaging activities, rooted in God’s Word, that all connect to one weekly central truth. As with everything we do, the goal is to help kids continue to develop a more intimate relationship with God, for His glory. In addition to the weekly kids community group, we have other activities throughout the year including camp in the summer and other special events just for our kids and their friends.

Birth Through Kindergarten

Childcare is provided for Kindergarten and under during the main worship gathering, and our team works hard to make this more than just babysitting. Even at a young age, children can learn fundamental truths about God and his character, so we divide the kids into small classes to promote age-appropriate learning. Ages 2 and up participate in a Bible-based curriculum that involves scriptures, crafts, songs, and tons of fun! The babies are loved and prayed over by paid nursery staff, so every child is under an intentional spiritual covering while in our care.

As far as logistics are concerned, the nursery check-in area is located on the opposite end of our “U-shaped” building from the main auditorium. If you are confused, way-finding signs are located all over our campus to help direct you to where you’re wanting to go.

We have taken several steps to ensure the safety of everyone involved on a Sunday morning. A computerized check-in system provides a unique code and sticker for each child and their parent, which is required to pick up your child after the service. Ten minutes after each service begins, all doors to the childcare building are locked in order to keep anyone from wandering in. If you are late, just text the number posted on the door and a member of our Safety Team will be right with you. All paid staff and volunteers have been interviewed, passed a professional background check, and agree to abide by the handbook of policies and procedures, all of which add one more layer of safety and peace of mind.

1st Thru 5th Grade

In an effort to help disciple our kids in the normal rhythms of church life, we do not offer childcare or children’s church for kids in 1st grade and older. This helps them learn by immersion, seeing firsthand how the church family responds in various forms of worship, and instills a sense of inclusion and togetherness that is crucial to their spiritual formation. We have “kid bags” available at each entrance, designed with this age group in mind, offering activities that are directly tied to the sermon which allow them to both listen and stay engaged.

Children are constantly observing and learning, and our gatherings on Sunday are designed to be a part of their spiritual journey with Jesus, but in a secondary sense. Their real discipleship happens in the home, and that classroom is always active. From the church perspective, kids are very much included in our adult Community Groups, and are welcome additions to the group time. All of our groups offer childcare, and the parents are encouraged to let their kids participate in whatever ways they see fit. So whether sitting in the discussion with the whole group, or interacting before and after, we want our kids to grow up seeing community lived out in real and tangible ways, and hopefully develop a healthy sense of belonging to this church family.